Bay Area Tendrils

I'm an avid gardener and plant lover, writing about and photographing gardens when I'm not cultivating my own little patch. I blog about making gardens, both my former town garden in Chicago (awarded a First Prize in Mayor Daley's Landscape Awards program as I was making the move West), and my Z0ne 10 garden in the San Francisco Bay Area north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Great gardens and undiscovered gems interest me equally. I've penned 3 'Gardenwalks' guidebooks, while my 'Garden Walks' columns have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle since 2001. I'm increasingly interested in landscape architecture, the greening of our cities, garden history and planting with climate change in mind. Whew! Shall I go on? My gardens have appeared in magazine and newspapers, and I've designed and planted each from scratch; the California garden was a neglected lot with concrete rubble and hardpan soil at the outset. My husband alone assisted me. I'll never make another garden.


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